January 30, 2018

Choosing My Next Car

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I’ve been driving my car for over two years now and while that doesn’t sound like a long time when I think about all the things that have happened since I got my car it feels like an eternity. An engagement, marriage, TWO dogs, moving (twice) and buying our house… wow!


We decided to lease my car since I’d never owned this brand before and never drove an SUV. So now that I’m almost back in the market for a new car, I’ve been thinking about all the features I love about my car and those that aren’t my favorite. I’m also considering what features I’m going to need in the next few years as we start to think about growing our family. No, the only babies right now are my four-legged ones. But hashtag PLANNER over here…

Cars.com has a great feature that allows you to search cars by body style. From their homepage you can refine the types of car you’re looking for, whether you are looking for a new or used car and set your price. Like I mentioned, I don’t think I’ll be in the market for a small car for a while. So I tried out this tool looking for an SUV.

I was pretty excited with what I could do once I got to the search results page. I could filter by make, year and even door count!

Here are a few options I’m considering. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you drive any of these cars!

Honda CRV | This seems like a great affordable option. However I’m not sure if I’m ready to give up my 4WD yet… New England winters are no joke.

Volkswagen Tiguan | This car is deceivingly big. I love that it has a third row, but also has a full trunk when the seats are down.

Volvo XC60 | Hello DREAM car! I’m not sure why but I’ve always imagined driving a Volvo (even before they had an SUV) and this one just takes the cake.

Check out Cars.com for more helpful tools like their Expert Reviews (super helpful if you’re deciding between cars), a price comparison tool, and more!

I’m back with WeddingWire to talk about choosing wedding colors and how to incorporate them into your wedding day. Your wedding colors are so unique to you, your venue and time of year, but I remember in the early planning stages being so overwhelmed by the choices. Admittedly, I am still (at t-minus 13 days!) trying to incorporate one of my colors from my original color palette.


I really wish I had known about WeddingWire’s color palette generator tool It helps you select by season, then primary color and complimentary colors. Once you’ve selected a palette there’s a link to view real weddings that used similar colors. So useful!


The one piece of advice I could give would be to pick something that’s fairly simple and then build from there. I started with just two colors and have incorporated a bit more since then. It’s really tricky to make choices almost a year away and then stick with them.


If you’re at a loss for where to start, try going to a florist and browsing some of their choices. You’ll want to make sure that what you like is available during your wedding (or you’ll find out the hard way how much it costs to ship peonies from California). That was a good place for me to start and include colors that were harder to incorporate into bridesmaids outfits, linens, etc.


Also, don’t forget that the WeddingWire Snapchat Filter is another great way to incorporate those little details. I can’t wait to show you ours!!

If you are planning a wedding or have just gotten married, what were your wedding colors? How did you choose your palette? Leave a comment for other brides-to-be to be inspired!


This post is sponsored by WeddingWire. Opinions expressed are my own.


Planning a wedding could certainly be a full time job. I now completely understand why people hire a wedding planner. That being said, hiring someone was not in the cards for us and I know it’s not realistic for most people. So if you’re planning a wedding (congrats!) here’s a good place to start…


I’ve teamed up with WeddingWire to share a helpful timeline. It’s by no means a comprehensive one (seriously every time I check something off the list, something else comes up!) but I’m hoping it’s a start. The most important thing I’ve learned through this process is that nothing is ever going to be perfect. I swear there should be a “We Just Got Engaged” Handbook like the first time you buy a car or a house…

Our wedding (August 12) is a few days short of a year after we got engaged. So I’m going to use this timeline assuming about you’d have about a year between your engagement and wedding. You’ll probably notice that the list gets longer each month closer to the wedding, so do as much as you can in the beginning. We’re definitely in overdrive right now with less than a month to go!

| 12 Months To Go |

  • Venue Selection and Date— we knew right away we wanted a wedding near the ocean, so our venue selection was fairly limited. We narrowed ours down by availability, price (tip: even though the room fee may seem low, check to see if there is a food/drink minimum, especially on a Saturday night) and location.
  • Engagement Party— we opted not to have an engagement party simply because September is the craziest time of year for my fiancé and I. Instead we got our wedding party together for drinks and dancing in the city. It was a great way for them to meet and mingle so that the first time they were all together wasn’t the wedding.
  • Wedding Website— download the WeddingWire app. Seriously. Do it. It has the most helpful checklist that I’ve been using to keep myself on track. You can also create your website through WeddingWire’s site designer tool.

Check out WeddingWire’s Venue Guide for tips for selecting a venue.



| 10 Months To Go |

  • Engagement Photos— we did ours a few months earlier knowing that we wanted a summertime feel to them to match our wedding. (There’s a sneak peek below, but see more from our Engagement Story post ) I had known for a long time that I wanted a friend to photograph our wedding, so we quickly booked her for a sunrise shoot (so early!) and couldn’t have been happier. Did you know that many photographers will do your engagement shoot and then apply that fee towards a wedding package? It’s a great way to get to know your photographer and make sure you are comfortable working with him/her. The most important thing about photos is making sure you are able to be yourself– you may spend more time with your photographer on your Big Day than your groom/bride!
  • Create a Guest List— we used Google Spreadsheets and I can’t recommend this enough. Even if it changed a million times, it was so helpful to keep addresses, save the dates, invitations and everything else in one place. We’ve added columns along the way and now are in the fun stage of receiving RSVP’s and marking dinner selections and table numbers.
  • Send Save The Dates— I know this probably seems early, but with so many out-of-town guests and limited hotel options around our venue we needed to get an early start with these. I’m so glad we did because it made me feel less stressed when our invitations ended up a bit delayed going out (see 2 Months To Go below…) There are so many options out there for ordering, but we found ours through Zazzle and used our engagement photos.
  • Wedding Dress Selection— depending upon where you want to look for a dress, the timing can vary. But if I learned anything it’s to give yourself a cushion for ordering… because when you’re ivory wedding dress arrives looking like it’s been dipped in tea, you’re going to need to have the time for them to make a new one (I wish I was kidding…)

Caroline Winn Photography


| 8 Months To Go |

  • Book DJ or Band— our venue is on the smaller side, so while I would have loved a live cover band (playing 90s all night, duh) we opted for a DJ. It’s crazy how quickly they book for wedding season, so hop on this ASAP. We did a phone “interview” with our DJ before booking him, so see if you are able to do this. It’s a great way to get to know them and be sure that what you want for your reception is clear.
  • Register— I definitely kept our registry “secret” for the first month or so while I was changing my mind (a million times) about colors, styles, etc. of many of our items. It’s so hard to imagine picking out things like china and linens that you’ll (potentially) have forever! We did a combination of an in-store and online registry with two different companies. It gave us great options to register for things beyond the “houseware” items we already had.
  • Bridesmaid Dresses— another thing that is SO hard to decide on, especially if you haven’t thought through color schemes, flowers, what the groomsmen will wear, etc… I went a few weeks before our actual appointment with just my sister to narrow down some styles. I’d definitely recommend doing this as it made the appointment with all my bridesmaids super smooth and easy!


| 6 Months To Go |

  • Plan the Honeymoon— flights are expensive and hotels can quickly add up as the dates get closer, so we booked our honeymoon on the earlier side. Of course, people will want to give you wedding gifts towards your honeymoon, so we figured we’d use those gifts for small excursions or to purchase something nice to ship home. We are also breaking up our wedding/honeymoon with a mini-vacation right after the wedding. With our wedding being almost mid-August and back-to-school at the end of the month there just wasn’t enough time to do a trip to Europe (can you guess where?!) right away.
  • Book a Florist— this could possibly be the most overwhelming part, at least it was for me it was. I had so many ideas (hello Pinterest) and was worried that they wouldn’t be possible to actually create. While we booked our florist early, I didn’t actually visit until about 6 weeks to go. Flowers can get really expensive, very quickly, so if you are able to book through a wholesale distributor you can save a lot! The only downside is that if you have very specific set-ups in mind for the ceremony and/or receptions, they might charge extra for delivery/set-up fees.
  • Schedule Rehearsal Dinner— typically this is hosted by the grooms’ parents (although I’ve seen it hosted by the couple if they are hosting the whole weekend). We are doing a small “welcome party”, which is much more informal than a rehearsal dinner and allows us to spend more time with out-of-town guests. Since we are doing a welcome party, our invitations are much less formal and we’re including a wedding map/directions/parking information for the whole weekend on the back side
  • Arrange Transportation— this may be the most overlooked, but highly critical, step of the process. We are getting married in a church that’s very close to our venue, but not walking distance. Add in the fact that my fiancé and I are getting ready in two different places, we quickly realized we’d need to have a way to get around that day. Depending upon who you’d like to include in transportation and the size of your wedding party, you have lots of options. We opted for a trolley that fits about 30 people so that our whole wedding party and both families could be taken care of. Although if anyone has a sailboat like this one, I could be convinced otherwise…


| 4 Months To Go |

  • Groomsmen Outfits— this decision for us was very much dictated by the bridesmaids’ dresses since we got them so early, but it was also very helpful to have a dress to bring with us. We used my sister’s boyfriend for “dress up” to try things on and make sure it was the look we were going for.
  • Order Wedding Invitations— you may want to do this earlier depending upon how intricate your invitations are. We ordered ours at the beginning of June (way too late for an August wedding) and it was a scramble to the finish line. I still got them out 6 weeks before the wedding thanks to my amazing team (thanks Mom!), but it was a close call.
  • Bridal Shower– my amazingly talented sister took complete charge of this and it was the most magical afternoon! Just make sure you have a more finalized guest list you can send to whomever is hosting the shower (this is when the Google Spreadsheet comes in real handy).
  • Dress Fitting— it’s amazing how time consuming (read: expensive) bridal gown alterations are. I have a friend who (no joke!) spent more on alterations than her dress. Also make sure you purchase the shoes you plan on wearing and bring them to your fitting.
  • Hair & Makeup— trials, trials, trials! It’s not the most cost-effective way to do it, but you really want to make sure you end up with your hair and makeup EXACTLY how you want it. The artists book up fast, especially for summer weddings. Ours didn’t need a final count for bridesmaids, MOB, flower girl, etc. at the time of my trial but make sure you reach out to your bridal party about who is interested. That’s not a cost you want to surprise them with a week before the wedding.
  • Draft a “Day Of” Timeline— this was THE most helpful thing we did. Visualizing the whole day was daunting for sure, but it helped so much to be able to send information to vendors about drop-offs and start times. Make sure you send the details to your wedding party, vendors and anyone else who will play an important role in making your day go smoothly!


| 2 Months To Go |

  • Final Details Meeting— this is a chance to make sure all of the above was done. It’ll leave you feeling really good about your planning or panicked about details you forgot (believe me, even if you consider yourself organized, there will be  plenty of missed details ). As our wedding coordinator said, it’s her job, not mine, to think of these things.
  • Marriage License– the earliest you can do this is 60 days before the date (and for all my last-minute folks, the latest is 3 days before the wedding). We just went to our town hall and filled out the paperwork and waited a few days for the printed license. As long as you are getting married in your home state you can use any town hall you’d like!
  • Purchase Rings– many places will suggest a matching band to go along with your engagement ring. For convenience (and because nothing else looked nice enough on my dainty size 5 finger) I chose a matching band. My fiancé requested one of those “rubber rings” so that he could “still play golf”. I assured him that his golf career wasn’t over and then led him to a nice, simple platinum ring. Also, a lot of places will do free engraving as well, just make sure you ask!
  • Send Invitations– I decided to get fancy (because I had SO much time on my hands…) and add vintage stamps to our invitations. Etsy has a bunch of shops, but I highly recommend working with Virginia of Verde Studio.


| Month Of |

  • Write Vows— I’m still writing mine and the jury’s out on whether my fiancé’s written his, but we still have plenty of time, right? It’s a tough (and very personal) decision about whether you’ll share these out loud or whether you’ll write them in a card and share them with each other on the day of. Either way make sure you take some time alone and write your thoughts.
  • Snapchat Filter— seriously SO underrated! We chose one of the Tuckernuck filters (can you guess which one?) from WeddingWire. Thanks to Wedding Wire to helping me put ours together! It was really easy to do and you can create one as early as 90 days before your wedding. You can customize fonts, choose how long it’s available and pick from so many cute filters! I’m psyched to reveal ours on our wedding day.

If anyone is exhausted reading this, yes it’s just as insane as it sounds. But the most important thing to remember is no matter what you plan, over-plan or under-plan the day is going to be beautiful because it’s about what matters most– LOVE!

This post is sponsored by WeddingWire. Opinions expressed are my own.


I have to say I have some serious style envy of Corinne from Corinne Acampora Interiors & Art. I had the honor of photographing the reveal of her most recent Wellesley redesign (think total HGTV). Her work blows me away! I might have to invite her over to our new little (read: tiny) house…

Corinne and her assistant designer (who just happens to be my sister) are immensely talented. Corinne is based in Wellesley, but will travel as well. Some of her other recent designs include spots inthe South EndNew Castle and the Seaport. Here’s a little tour of Wellesley room-by-room…

| the living room |


| the kitchen |

| the dining room |

| kids’ bedrooms |

| the au pair suite |

| other spaces |

March 12, 2017

Time To Shop

I’m not sure whether it was the freezing winter weather or just life getting in the way, but shopping just hasn’t been on the agenda. I was definitely due for a good haul and with the help of Simon Outlets, mission accomplished! As part of our girls’ trip to the Berkshires we got to spend the morning visiting some retailers at the Lee Premium Outlets. Our fantastic guide, Heidi, was spot on with the locations we visited. I’m so excited to share some of the things I picked up (and others that are now on my wish list).

We jumped right into my favorite store, J.Crew Factory. They had just put out a transitional winter to spring line and I was instantly in love with everything! Some of the stylist had even put together outfits they thought I’d like (and they were spot on!). I’ll probably never have a personal stylist in my life, but it was rather fantastic to pretend!

dress c/o | espadrilles | tassel necklace

I ended up getting a few items to put away for spring and I’m literally counting down the days until I can wear them! Hands down my favorite is this striped ruffle-sleeve shirt (c/o) that also comes in black, white and black & white stripes. Plus everything is 40-50% off right now!

Video Player

This trip also helped me find my new favorite store for home items and gifts, Ten Thousand Villages (thanks Heidi!). Even better you can shop there guilt-free because everything they sell is fair-trade handmade. The artist and makers from around the world are paid upfront when their work is commissioned. This month they are featuring global female artists and every piece was stunning!

I bought the most beautiful blue & white measuring spoons created in a pottery village in Vietnam. These handmade tablecloths are also the perfect way to bring some spring colors into the kitchen.

Speaking of global travel, we took a quick look in the Samsonite Factory Store and I had serious wanderlust looking at all the luggage choices. Since we mostly do weekend trips my go-to luggage is a canvas tote bag. However for our honeymoon we’ll be traveling for longer than usual so I seriously need to upgrade my wheels. Now the million dollar question is… hard luggage or soft? I feel like there’s benefits to both and really can’t decide!

About halfway through our morning we stopped by the Lindt store. We sipped on the most decadent coffee (mine was poured over a raspberry Lindt truffle) and explored the new spring chocolates. Lindt is most known for their signature hollow bunny, but they started making a little chick too, which is the cutest! I picked up this little chick gift box (filled with truffles of course) to use as a centerpiece for Easter.

We also stopped at the Bass Factory Outlet, which was a surprising score for me. I definitely had a preconceived notion of Bass as being the place where my dad bought his shoes, but kept an open mind and found some amazing things! After trying on a few pairs for myself, I can now say their shoes are truly the combination of comfort and style.

Who could say no to a pair of these espadrilles? I just found out that there is a lobster pair too!!! And these cactus sweaters are just waiting for some sort of witty caption.

Our last top before we collapsed from utter exhaustion was the Brooks Brothers Factory Store. In order to see the amazing items they have (at serious discounts) you have to visit one of their stores and believe me, it’s worth it! I don’t work in an office, so many of the styles were on the more dressy side for me. Brooks Brothers was so kind to gift me one of their signature non-iron dress shirts and I’ve already made good use of it under a sweater since New England insists on this perpetual winter.

 I also took some time to browse the men’s section and took some inspiration from the suits to help S decide on his for our wedding (how is August only 5 months away?). While I’m not sure I’ll ever get him in a pink bowtie, this navy suit is on point.

 As you can see it was a whirlwind of a morning, but I learned a lot about so many new-to-me brands! Outlet shopping can definitely be intimidating, but I think looking at which stores are there and making a must-visit list is really helpful. The Lee Outlets even have an interactive map on their website. If you plan on doing a marathon of shopping like we did another great thing to do is sign up for their VIP Shopper Club to get discounts throughout the year.

Thank you again to Heidi and Lee Premium Outlets for such a personalized shopping experience. This post was sponsored by Lee Premium Outlets. Opinions expressed are my own.

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