A few days this week in Florida were not beach days. I know I shouldn’t complain about that, but I will for just a second. The mornings were well below 50, but the best thing about Florida is that once the sun comes out it will eventually warm up. The afternoon we went to La Playa resort was perfect. I think the cold weather in the morning scared everyone away, so we were one of the only few dining outside.


I was drawn to La Playa’s blue striped umbrellas after walking the beach many times. I googled the restaurant, hopeful that it was open to the public, and it was! My mom and IĀ stopped in mid-afternoon for a light lunch and drinks. The atmosphere was exactly what we were looking for– sun, sand and bright decor.

Baleen is the restaurant at La Playa and offers indoor and outdoor seating. If you’re sitting outside, there’s no tableĀ that doesn’t have a view. And that view is spectacular! Right on the water, La Playa brings the tropical resort atmosphere to Naples.




I picked the Pomegranate Martini off of the drink list, which was filled with beach-side delicious drinks. (I almost went with the Lemonade, next time!) We ate off the Late Lunch Menu, which was a limited selection, but still many delicious things to choose from. Grouper tacos, truffle fries, a short rib/brisket burger were just a few of the selections.



I can never say no to chocolate and I know exactly where I got that from. My mom and I couldn’t resist the dessert menu and went with the ‘Cookie Jar’, which is a flourless chocolate cake, white chocolate, whipped cream and chocolate chip garnish. It’s surrounded by ‘sand’ (my best guess is refined almonds) and a chocolate starfish. This is NOT to be missed! It was spectacular!


After lunch, we went for a walk (necessary given what we had just ate…) around La Playa. The beach was quiet because of the weather, but there were a few brave souls (probably New Englanders) in the sun.



The decor inside La Playa is also beautiful– lots of yellows and greens such as this tile floor on the front porch.




Each year we stay with family friends in Naples, but I may have to make a one night exception and stay at La Playa. It’s a beautiful resort and the staff were incredibly friendly during our short visit.


Baleen Restaurant (at the La Playa Beach Resort)

9891 Gulf Shore Drive

Naples, FL 34108




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