Since our move out of the city, I rarely get nostalgic. Our new apartment is exactly what we needed: it allowed us to get a dog (what would life without Fenway be like?) and also helped in setting realistic goals for the future (because said dog will not be 15 pounds forever). However, last week I went back into the city for the opening of Bee’s Knees in Allston and had a twinge of city-FOMO.


Bee’s Knees Supply Company is many things– specialty grocery store, café, brunch spot. You name it, they found a creative way to do it! The first thing you notice as you walk in is the eclectic city decor. Subway tiles run alongside rustic vintage items and beautiful marquee lights denote the many faces of what they offer.


For it’s opening celebration, Bee’s Knees featured some of the makers items found in the store as well as their made-in-house items. If you go for dinner or take-out lunch, may I suggest the spring rolls or a smorgasbord of cheeses. While you’re there, you can pick up a variety of unique drinks (alcoholic root bear?!), home items and fresh, local produce. You really can’t go wrong!


So, if you’re in the Allston area, it’s worth fighting for a parking spot and stopping by Bee’s Knees. It’s really great to see a local shop thriving in the area! Gabby, of First and Warren, and I were really blown away by the service (they do sit-down too!) and the welcoming atmosphere.


Bee’s Knees Supply Company

1316 Commonwealth Ave.

Allston 02134