Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Belle Chèvre. Opinions expressed here are my own.

I usually look at long weekends as more time to get things done, but this long weekend I’ve decided to actually take the time to slow things down. So I was really excited when Belle Chèvre sent over some of their new breakfast cheese. Belle Chèvre has won over 100 awards for their artisanal goat cheeses.


If you’re anthing like me, breakfast usually consists of a protein bar or some toast and peanut butter while running out the door. But today we sat down and enjoyed ourselves while taste testing some really good flavors. Belle Chèvre’s breakfast cheese is made with goat cheese and spreads perfectly over a croissant, toast, bagel (pretty much anything that can act as a vehicle for this creamy deliciousness). They offer four flavors: coffee, fig, cinnamon and honey.

This combination was my favorite– cinnamon spread over half a croissant topped with strawberries. Yum! So next time I reach for that piece of toast and peanut butter as I rush out the door, I plan on spreading some Belle Chèvre on instead. Breakfast on the go will be so much more delicious!


Find all their flavors of breakfast goat cheese online or in your local grocery store in the dairy aisle. Thank you to Belle Chèvre for sponsoring this post.