I will fully admit that I found this restaurant because it’s located next to my favorite tapas place in all of Boston. That being said, the food and atmosphere here make a top contender for the best restaurant in Brookline! As soon as we walked in, I was transported to someone’s small kitchen in Ireland with a rustic, yet refined taste in furniture and style.

Fairsted Kitchen is located on Beacon Street in Brookline, right off the C line for those of you Bostonians without a car (this winter, I’m jealous of you). It’s a small place, probably 10 or so tables and a good size bar, so getting a reservation was tricky (especially on a Friday night when we went). We waited for a few minutes at the bar as they cleared our table. I ordered a drink from their Libations menu with a cognac base, which isn’t usually my style, but this one was delicious! It was bitter, but sweet with slight bubbles. Fantastic! The No Sleep Till Brookline was also great– a similar, but less sweet and stronger version of mine.


Their Supper menu is a mix of snacks & sides, small and large plates– really something for everyone! We started with the p.e.i mussels (with bacon and creme fraiche) and turkish meatballs (lamb based with greek yogurt). Both were delicious! We also had the cauliflower and brussels, which was the perfect dish (like it could have been created for us) since I love cauliflower and my boyfriend won’t touch it, but likes brussel sprouts. The best part about these plates was the sauces– each one a bit different, but absolutely made the dish so tasty!


For dinner, I had the gnocchi (roasted garlic and parmesan) and my boyfriend had the chicken (over a bed of farrow and goat cheese with red wine jus). Both were fantastic, although I was jealous of his perfectly cooked chicken and snuck a bite (or three…) There are also options on the menu for sharing bigger dishes with the table, which would work perfectly with a larger group.


I wish I had taken more pictures of inside, but it being a small place and a crowded night, I couldn’t quite swing it. Their Brunch menu looks amazing, so we’ll have to return soon!


Fairsted Kitchen

1704 Beacon Street

Brookline, MA 02446


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