With just a little over 48 hours in San Diego, we managed to do quite a lot! Including good eats, of course. I scoured other blogs (In Love with San Diego is a must-read if you plan on visiting) and we made an extensive restaurant list.  I think we would have had to eat 6 meals a day if we wanted to visit each place on our list.

Flying out early Friday morning (Boston time) meant that we had a long day ahead of us when we arrived at 10am (West coast time). I got through the day knowing that we were eating at a highly-recommended spot called Seersucker (and with the help of some coffee). I’m so glad we were fully awake for the experience, because it did not disappoint!


There are two San Diego locations for Seersucker, downtown on 5th Ave. and in Del Mar. We went to the Del Mar location. Mostly because the drive back to the hotel was shorter and in our jet-lagged condition, the least amount of driving we had to do the better. I was instantly struck by the atmosphere– sophisticated casual with a side of unique rustic finds.




Our meal was fantastic– we began with celebrity chef Brian Malarkey’s cheddar puffers (jalepeno cheddar balls), the chef’s creative take on non-messy buffalo wings (ground chicken rolled into meatballs and dipped in wing sauce) which were amazing and duckfat fries (there was no delaying eating them long enough to take a picture).



Not sure how I’d be able to eat anything else, I went for shrimp ceviche for dinner. Of course, I found room when the amazing filet mignon and potatoes were sitting across from me. The lobster butter sauce was delicious, a sweet but savory flavor (don’t tell my mom though because her peppercorn cream sauce is a very close second).



Unfortunately, around the time we looked at dessert (appropriately named the milk + sugar diet) I was one bite away from falling asleep in whatever chocolate-y decision we made. So dessert will have to wait until next time– I think I would have gone with the s’mores bar (salted caramel ganache, smoked marshmallow + chocolate ice cream). There’s always next time!



12995 El Camino Real

Del Mar, CA 92130