I’m a bit late to the juice trend, but to be honest it’s because I’ve been afraid to try them. I’m a fairly healthy eater– Ben & Jerrys is a good source of calcium, really. But the idea of mixing a bunch of fruits and veggies together and hoping they taste ok scares me. I’m also not a fan of ginger. I won’t even touch it. It’s probably because growing up anything ginger was usually related to having the stomach bug. But I finally found a juice I was willing to try!


We were walking around Greenville, South Carolina last weekend looking for something to eat to hold us over until a big family dinner. I’ve started using Foursquare a lot for recommendations when I’m in a new place. Or even in a familiar place to find something we haven’t tried yet.


Southern Pressed Juicery came up as a juice bar in the area. I was skeptical at first, but as soon as we walked by I knew I had to give it a try! And I’m so glad I did! Their storefront is so welcoming with flowers and a cute sign! Inside the space is very simple, but sophisticated. The green counters and light wood really channel the feel of downtown Greenville!


I ordered one of their Roots & Fruits called Southern Summers. It’s a mix of watermelon and rosemary, or as the girl working in the shop described, ‘sticking a straw into a watermelon’. There were others on the menu I’d also love to try– the Cafecito and Latin Lover. They also serve açai bowls, salads, wraps and more! I only wish we lived closer!


Southern Pressed Juicery

2 West Washington Street

Greenville, South Carolina 29601

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