Hello Spring! Before we know it, we’ll blink and it will be summer. The weather has been fantastic in Boston the past few days– warm, sunny and color everywhere!



I took a walk after school on Thursday– I just needed to get out and enjoy the city. I strolled through the garden where everything was green and lush! The swan boats were finally put back in this past weekend and there were even two swans who had made their nest on a bank. Their names are Romeo and Juliet and they build a nest each summer. I found out that the eggs won’t hatch, though because both swans are female. Either way, they’re beautiful to look at!



I then walked over to Beacon Hill, one of my favorite (and Boston’s oldest) neighborhoods. I’m currently teaching a unit on the Revolutionary War to my fifth graders, so it was great to be surrounded by such history! The residents of Beacon Hill should definitely win awards for their window box/stoop flowers. Everything is on point!




Acorn Street– they were filming a documentary about the American Revolution at the top of the street, so cool!




The purple hydrangeas against the black door with white trim were my favorite! I was hoping to find more of them, I guess I’ll have to go back! Have you taken a long walk recently? One that didn’t necessarily have a purpose? It’s such a nice feeling to just wander sometimes.