Yesterday I attended the Blog Beautiful conference by Blog Better Boston. This was my first official blogger conference, so I’ll admit I was a little nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect. The conference was an early birthday present from my boyfriend (seriously, how thoughtful!) and the perfect opportunity to learn more about the blogging world.


Getting pre-conference emails from Alana of BBBos was so helpful! We took a survey that helped narrow down our focus for the day and created our schedule. Here was my schedule for the day– every session was so informative, but my favorites were definitely Logo & Branding and Instagram Tips. More to come about my Blogging Tips from the conference.


Our morning started with Breakfast & Mingling where I met some other great bloggers who, like me, were still trying to find the focus for their blog. It’s not that I mind not having a focus, but I think it might be better if I was able to narrow it a bit. While I’m not sure I’m any closer to doing this, the conference gave me some really great inspiration for directions I could take my blog.


After a delicious mediterranean lunch, I went to a Fashion Photo workshop with Smita of Hogger & Co. I was so excited to finally meet her, as I’ve followed her on Instagram for awhile and love her beautiful images. She gave great tips about shooting fashion– something I haven’t quite gotten into yet, but hope to. My biggest hesitation is that I don’t have a photographer on hand (and I can only ask the boyfriend to try so many times). I also don’t consider myself too knowledgable of the fashion world and my style is definitely more conservative. Ok, let’s be honest, I have somewhat of a J.Crew uniform that I don’t stray far from…

Smita from Hogger & Co.


Oh, I forgot to mention how great the space was! The conference was held at We Work in Fort Point, which is a collaborative workspace. While I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to take my blogging to the small business level, this place would be great for meet-ups and future workshops!


Overall, the conference was really invigorating! I have some awesome takeaways and ideas that were inspired by both the sessions and other bloggers I met.

I’ll admit defeat– I left the conference so excited to explore new things for my blog and then promptly crashed on the couch at 6pm. I’m so grateful to have been a part of such an inspiring day and for the opportunity to work with some great presenters.


Here are the names of the presenters if you’re interested in finding out more about their work:

Kelsey of Kelsey Donahue Designs

Surabhi of Third Eye Chic

Smita Jacob of Hogger & Co. Photography

Holly of Holly Nichols Illustration

Billie Denise McGhee