It FINALLY feels like spring should feel. I’ve even snuck in some flip-flops these past few days. It’s hard to believe that two weeks ago we had snow on the ground…


We began my vacation with a friends’ wedding and it was SO beautiful! They put so many subtle personal touches on the day, yet made sure that friends and family were a big part of their special day. It was a perfect way to celebrate a perfect couple!


Doesn’t S look so dapper in his tux?!


The rest of the week has been spent catching up: sleep, work, puppy time, etc. While we usually travel during my vacations, we decided to take this one off. I’ve kept busy with errands, Fenway and a few short day trips.


Also, I can’t get over Essie’s Fiji color– how did I not discover it before this spring??


I’m not ready for the week to be over, but oh well! I’m looking forward to spending a few days on the Cape for my birthday and hosting an outdoor (fingers crossed for good weather) patio party for my friends. I feel like before we know it, it’ll be summer!