\ Consider this a photo dump of pictures of Fenway, our almost-8-moth-old puppy. You’ve been warned! This is also partly a selfish post on my part as we’re away in Florida this week and I’m having puppy withdrawals.

He’s growing up before our eyes! I don’t always notice it day-to-day, but putting these pictures together it’s really clear!


The first day we brought him home. He still has that very same smile and it gets me every time!

I absolutely love this dog to pieces. While I could definitely count this as a second full-time job, it’s worth every minute. Every cry in the middle of the night, the early (5:30 is considered sleeping-in now…) walks and late night zoomies lead way to cuddles on the couch, long sessions of fetch and undying love.


He’s also a fan of the serious look. Especially when he’s on a mission in the grass (you don’t even want to know what he finds). If you plan on getting a lab, be warned: they eat EVERYTHING!


He may have more bowties than I have pairs of shoes…


My two favorite shots from m̶y̶ our Beacon Hill shoot in November. He was 5 months and he’s now doubled in size!




Most of the time he really is a “good dog”. We lucked out as many labs are crazy puppies and Fenway is already fairly calm and so sweet.



He even gets mail now…


And he is the BIGGEST fan of snow! He will sit at the door and beg to go outside in -5 degree weather if it means he gets to play in the snow…