I. hate. winter. Well not quite, but I absolutely hate winter’s effect on my skin. Any of my teacher friends will understand the number of times I wash my hands each day. Consequently, my hands are always dry. I could put lotion on every hour and they’d still dry out.


I had the chance to try Franklin & Whitman‘s body scrubs and was curious if I’d see any changes. Franklin & Whitman is a small company based in Philadelphia producing all-natural, plant-based, cruelty-free products. It’s named after Philly’s two main bridges and the product names are a nod to the city’s neighborhoods. Their message is simple: be amazing. And boy do my hands feel amazing!


The owner, Christopher Cieri, began the brand by creating beard oils for himself and some friends. It caught on quickly and he began to package and sell the oils. Since then he’s expanded to body scrubs, hair serum and even paw/nose balm for dogs. What’s more amazing is that he’s able to continue making all of these free of all the “bad stuff”.

I first tried the Point Breeze Himalayan Salt Scrub because I was so excited to see the pink salt (I also have a weird obsession with pink peppercorns…) I really can’t get over how good it smells! I used just a small amount on my hands and felt the difference right away. You really can’t go wrong selecting one, as all the scents are so delicious! I think my second favorite would be the Easy Passyunk Sugar Scrub. Their sugar scrubs are a bit more gentle, but just as effective. And if you can’t decide, you can try the sampler and get a bit of each!


Franklin & Whitman’s line of products are produced with the most wonderful social mission: Hairy Animals. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s a Fenway-friendly, pet-loving company! They donate 5% of their sales to dog rescue organizations. I can SO get behind that!


Oh, and Fenway is very behind their mission too!


*Thank you Franklin & Whitman for letting me try your amazing products! Use code “simplyadored” at checkout to  get 15% off your first purchase.