I decided to take my pajama-wearing self of last New Year’s Eve and kick her to the curb. This year needed to be celebrated and what better way to kick off 2015 than with a party?

I’m on a nice long vacation from teaching (and avoiding the work that piled up in December), so I have a lot of time on my hands. I’m not a huge Pinterest user, I go long bouts without logging in. However, New Years always inspires me to be crafty. So I took on one too many DIY projects…


DIY Banner | Shanty 2 Chic



I made this sign a few years ago for a NYE party at my friend’s. It was really nice to have something that I could just put up. Of course, that was the plan… Then we realized that all the string I had used a few years ago had gone missing. So we quickly created our own hanging system—sparkly lights! It worked perfectly!

DIY Sparkler Toothpicks | The 36th Avenue



I’m a huge fan of sparklers, but I was told that those were not allowed inside… Maybe next year! In the meantime, these were my alternatives. Really easy to make and versatile for any holiday. You just need some tinsel, toothpicks (I picked the Bamboo ones so the top provided a larger gluing surface) and a hot glue gun. These were my favorites—I used them for everything!

DIY: Sparkle Glasses | Something Turquoise



So the theme was sparkly things… Why not make cheap plastic champagne glasses into something much more exciting? These were the most tedious to make—taking multiple layers and drying time in between—but I washed them so I can reuse another time. If you try these and think it isn’t working in the beginning, it was until the second layer of glitter paint that it started to pop.

DIY Appetizers | Recipes from my mind…



You can never have enough food on New Years (especially when I knew we’d all be ringing in the New Year at a bar later on). I went with simple things—onion dip, cheese platter, caprese and bacon-wrapped scallops. We don’t have many leftovers, but I’ll definitely be cooking the rest of the scallops for dinner tonight!