I absolutely adore this time of year. There is something to be said for the holiday spirit– more giving, more time with family and bright, cheery colors make for one joyous season! While we don’t have any over-the-top holiday plans, I hope to enjoy and appreciate all the small things. From picking out a tree to decorating the apartment, we’ll sure be busy!




It’s also Fenway’s first Christmas! From a practical point, that means figuring out how to create a decorated, yet puppy-proof apartment… Still working on that. We will attempt a small Christmas tree and enjoy the large one at my parents when we visit.



My sister designs the flowers for all of our family celebrations and this year’s didn’t disappoint! I’ll be featuring some of her other designs on a future post once she gets her website up and running.



Looking forward to sharing some pictures from a Beacon Hill shoot (with Fenway, of course) soon. My friend Kiana took some AMAZING shots. Seriously, J.Crew may need to consider doggie models 🙂


Photo (above): Kiana



Photo (above): Kiana

On our list of things to do: catch a Boston Pops Holiday show, host a dinner party for both our families, a quick trip to Colorado for S’s company Christmas party and a (probably freezing) Patriots game right before Christmas. What’s on your Holiday To-Do List?