Scituate Lighthouse | Scituate, MA | Caroline Winn Photography

Well, it’s certainly been a busy month. I feel like I blinked as the end of August blurred with September and now it’s full-on Fall! If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may have noticed an exciting announcement– we’re engaged!


I am over-the-moon excited to be spending the rest of my life with my best friend. Since we got engaged in late-August the wedding planning has quickly kicked into gear. We both were on the same page right away about our wedding: summer and near the water… but we quickly realized that meant we needed to either start our research or wait until summer 2018. If there’s one thing I admire in my fiancé, it’s that when he gets something in his mind he works his butt off to get it done. So, August 2017 it is!

I thought I’d share our engagement story along with some of our engagement photos that were recently taken by the AMAZING Caroline Winn. I went to college with Caroline and as soon as she went full-time with her photography business a few years ago, I knew that when the time came I’d book her for our wedding. I am SO excited to be working with her. Our engagement photos are absolutely amazing– she’s so talented!


At the end of August after the craziest summer, maybe ever, we finally took some time to relax in Maine with my family. We’ve been going to an island off of Portland for some years now to relax and rewind at the end of each summer. The island has always been a special place for me and the fact that S proposed there makes all the more special. This summer, though, I knew my time on the island would be cut short because I was in my friend’s wedding during the second weekend.

The day before I was leaving the island was bittersweet. We ventured to a nearby island that has a small 9-hole golf course on it and played a fun round of golf. While we waited for the ferry we enjoyed some lunch at the island’s quaint Inn. Meanwhile I had no idea what S had up his sleeve for that evening. When we got back to our island, the plan was to go pick up fresh lobsters from the docks. So the two of us (plus our pup Fenway) hopped in a golf cart to run the errand. I should have known as soon as S started driving in the opposite direction of the docks and suggested that we “take a tour of the island”.


When S first visited the island I took him to my favorite spot, a little jetty of rocks that overlooked the ocean. So we rolled our golf cart down towards the jetty and took the pup for a walk. Little did I know what S had planned and how my idea of having Fenway with us was totally cramping his style. Fenway was going crazy and trying to jump in the water and being the nervous dog mom that I am, I insisted that we go to the beach nearby. Poor S…


We moved onto the beach where Fenway could run around and swim. As if I hadn’t complicated the plan for S enough, Fenway decided to take matters into his own hands. While they were tugging over a stick, it slipped and Fenway’s teeth met S’s thumb. Mind you, there still had not been a proposal… So there’s my poor boyfriend trying to get his thumb to stop bleeding and me trying to wrangle a 65 pound soaking wet puppy. Pretty much sums up how life has been since we got a dog, but honestly I wouldn’t trade it for the world. In all the chaos, S was determined to go through with the proposal so as I turned around to grab Fenway’s leash and get S a bandaid, there he was behind me on one knee. Thumb bleeding, the dog going crazy, it was perfect. Really, I can’t imagine it any other way.


Floating on air we headed back to the house, where luckily someone had figured out that we weren’t getting the lobsters, to share the news with my family. A month later, I’m still on Cloud 9 and life is still it’s usual crazy-with-a-dog kind of beautiful. As we combed through hundreds of venue options, talked about guest lists and every other little detail that I never expected to have to think of, I thought about that blissful day on the island. I know how lucky our kind of love is and I’ve promised myself to never take advantage of that. No matter what the future holds for us, I know that we can face it together. I mean just look at what a champ my fiancé is– he proposed with a bleeding thumb and still managed to nail it.


Can we just stop for a second and absolutely gush over Caroline’s photos!!




For more from our engagement shoot, visit Caroline’s blog!