Hello World, Meet Fenway!


When S and I moved into our new apartment, we knew a dog was in the future, but just didn’t know how soon! Well, a week later, we were bringing home Fenway. After a mixup with our first breeder, we found another breeder in New Hampshire. The only catch was, the litter was ready to be brought home NOW! Amazon and Petco became our best friends very quickly. We went from having two toys for our “future puppy” to buying a crate, bed, chew toys, bones, etc. all in one day.



It’s taken me a week to write this… puppies are not conducive to blogging, let me tell you! He’s currently napping in his crate, but that could last all of five minutes. At the end of the day, though, I can’t imagine our lives without him.


He’s already grown in just one week!


So our puppy adventures continue: with the first Puppy Kindergarten this week and hoping to also take him on part of my family vacation to Maine. The 3:30am bathroom runs outside continue and to be honest, they suck. But the sounds of his little snores and puppy kisses make me fall in love with him all over again.


That being said, if anyone has advice about biting, my feet would really appreciate it…