I’m trying to include a few more DIYs (like the macaron class and hosting New Year’s Eve, one of my first posts) so let’s start with this Pinterest-inspired one! Last month I hosted a few friends for a cookout to celebrate my birthday. I knew I wanted to do some simple flowers as decorations since we’d already be outside at our grilles.


I had seen these flowers on Pinterest and pinned them a while ago. They seemed like the perfect late-spring decorations, so I went to work. I quickly found out that this was another one of those pin-to-nowhere’s and began to get creative on my own.

|vase within a vase| I found it works best when you have two different sized vases of roughly the same shape. Ideally you want the inner vase to be a bit taller than the outer so that the water with the lemons inside doesn’t mix with the flower water. Some people say lemon juice helps extend the life of flowers, but I found that when they mixed the flowers wilted faster. My vase height didn’t work out, so at the last minute I used our short water glasses for the inner vase.


|slice lemons| I worked with small and medium lemons since I needed both sizes for drinks I was serving. You can easily do this with one size, using the ends of the lemons when you need smaller slices. Cut the lemons into 1/4 or 1/3 inch slices, depending on the amount of space between your two vases.


|fill space with slices| This was a bit tricky with the different size lemons, so I used a toothpick to help me get it into the perfect spot. Of course, when I moved the vases outside I had to repeat the process… So stage them where you plan to display them.

|fill with water| You actually have to fill both vases if you want to achieve the water-filled look. If possible, fill the space with the lemons with less water that the height of the inside vase. This is to prevent it from mixing with the water where the flowers will go.


|cut and place flowers| The best part about this DIY is that you could essentially use any flower, although fuller ones are best. I used hydrangeas because they were in season, but now that peonies are in season I’ll definitely be trying it again. You could also use snapdragons to achieve the look of the original pin I found. To get a pop of color against the white, I used tea roses, stripping them of their leaves and thorns before placing them between hydrangeas. All the flowers were from Trader Joes, my favorite place to find inexpensive flowers that last!


Let me know if you try this DIY and follow me on Pinterest!