I recently had my five-year college reunion and I think what surprised me the most was how easily we all slipped right back into our 22 year-old selves. Being with my closest friends made it feel like no time had gone by, yet so much has happened since we threw our caps in the air. We’ve grown together and apart, yet the bond that we made over those four monumental years was as strong as ever. I am so lucky to call these girls my friends. Here are a few important things I’ve learned in those (short) five years since college.


{know who your people are} To be honest, maintaining friendships (I mean real relationships) is really hard. In college it’s really easy to make friends, but after the diplomas start to collect dust so do some of those friendships. Distance, work and just life in general begin to get in the way. Knowing who is going to be there for you when the sh*t hits the fan in the real world is important. Find your people and put your precious time into maintaining those relationships.


{change is hard, but inevitable} We graduated five years ago (five!). Change can be hard. But change can also make you appreciate your past and apply what you’ve learned to the future. Being back on campus, I noticed so many changes to the place that I once called home. It would have been easy to dwell on these differences and reminisce on how good we had it. Instead we made new memories. Memories that we’ll cherish and laugh about at the next reunion.

So much love to these girls who inspire me to reach for new heights and keep me grounded in my roots at the same time. #ForHereAllAreOne