The best part of living in the city (at least for the next three weeks) has to be SOWA on Sundays. For those of you who don’t know, SoWa Sundays are a group of markets including outdoor food trucks, farm stands, artists and an indoor vintage market. In a word: dangerous. I thought I’d do a round up of some of my favorite parts of the markets in case you’re heading there and looking for some direction. Although you really can’t go wrong wandering around, either!


The SoWa markets are open on Sundays from May 1 through the end of October each year. They open at 10am and close at 4pm. The crowds gather quickly (by 11 this past Sunday it was packed), so go early if you don’t want to wait in line, especially for food.



Roxy’s Grilled Cheese Food Truck: If you’re a blog follower, you may know about my obsession with Roxy’s from this previous post. They have a brick & mortar store in Allston, but can be found on Sundays at SoWa in one of their many food trucks. This past Sunday they had a new sandwich, the Lobster Melt, which S and I wish we had tried (it was a bit too early for lobster). My favorite continues to be the Green Muenster (avocado, bacon and Muenster cheese), but you really can’t go wrong! This is a popular truck, so the line tends to form quickly.


Boston General Store: Just how it sounds, they sell just about everything you’d need. The quality is family-heirloom status with everything from barware to gardening tools from small, local makers. Some of my favorite items from their online store are these enamel tumblers, the sea salt/seaweed soaps and this rope dog collar (hint, hint). They are located only at SoWa, but are in the middle of their Kickstarter to build themselves a brick & mortar store.



Minus the Moo, Lactose-Free Ice Cream: This is my dream-come-true! As a lactose-intolerant-ice-cream-consumer I just can’t handle eating soy/coconut/anything fake when it comes to ice cream. This ice cream is actually dairy, just minus the lactose, with flavors like chocolate, espresso and sea salt chocolate chip. It’s delicious and let me tell you, I’d go to SoWa every Sunday just for this! The two awesome ladies who c0-founded the company still work full time (wow!) so they run their pop-up shop in Dorchester on Saturdays and SoWa on Sundays.




SoWa Sundays

460-540 Harrison Ave.

Boston 02118