I was most excited about visiting the Clayroom because it weirdly reminded me of my tenth birthday party at Plaster Fun Time. Does anyone else remember those days? I think my mom may still have all of my ‘masterpieces’ in a box. Mom, you can toss those out now.

I’d walked by the studio so many times in my neighborhood, but I don’t know why I hadn’t stopped in. My teacher friends and I have been sick of snow days (we had our 6th in 3 weeks) and were becoming bit stir crazy.

I chose to continue the Valentines Day theme and paint a coffee mug in pink hues.





Painting definitely takes patience (I sketched this heart about 5 times) and concentration.



We all must have been feeling the cold because we each chose to paint a coffee cup. Plus that fireplace– the perfect place to warm up! We went during the day, but each night is BYOB. They also have specials– Tuesdays are pizza night and Wednesdays are wine & cheese.




The finished product! It will be a few days until it is ready and the colors will dry much brighter when it is glazed.


The Clayroom

1408 Beacon Street.

Brookline, MA 02446