Trying something new can be both invigorating and intimidating at the same time. It’s hard to take that first step for fear of not being good enough at something, especially if you hold yourself to high standards. I found this all to be true when my boyfriend (who’s agreed to make his first blog appearance, we’ll refer to him as S) asked if I wanted to try golf.


I’d been to plenty of driving ranges and mini-golf places, but never considered investing time or energy into the actual sport. It wasn’t that I didn’t have any interest, it was just easier to keep up ‘I’ve never learned’ excuse and not try it. It’s funny how we spend time avoiding things that we may actually be good at just to keep up appearances…


So S finally convinced me to try to play with him. We went to a few 9-hole courses in the fall where I played with some of his clubs. It was on the second hole of one of the courses that I got hooked– I sank a putt (look I even speak the language!) and that feeling of accomplishment couldn’t be replicated! Call me competitive, but every time we play I keep chasing that feeling.


Fast forward to May and I’m the proud owner of my own set of clubs (thank you S!) and I’ve even shot a round just under 100! It helps that I have an amazing and patient golf partner, but mostly I just love that it’s something we can both enjoy together.


Most of these pictures are from our April trip to Florida where we played a lot of golf… And I never got sick of it!


While I don’t think I’ll ever be a competitive golfer or kick butt in a tournament, I’m happy that I tried something new and fell in love with it. It hasn’t all been easy (just ask S how many shots it took me to get out of a cluster… of trees), but it’s just the right amount of challenge. How many times in life can we say we truly challenge ourselves in a way that isn’t related to our jobs or other everyday situations? The next time you’re considering trying something new, remember how good it feels when you prove to yourself you can do it and chase that feeling!