I’m a fan of trying new things, from food to beauty products to ways of organizing my life. I’m also a fan of decompressing on Friday nights from the long week. I find during the week that I’m on such a schedule with teaching, tutoring, preparing for teaching, etc. that I don’t take much time to catch-up at the end of the day. So, let’s try this weekly links thing. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting (and it’ll be a good way to make sure I stay caught up with my week)! I’ll also use it to post¬†some Instagrams from the week.


1. Women of Twitter via Huff Post— I find myself laughing out loud when I read some of these (and then wondering why I can’t be that witty!)

2. Rustic home cooked meals at Fairsted Kitchen–my blog review if you’re looking for a fantastic date night or Sunday brunch

3. Design Darling boutique— I’ll take one of everything! (created by blogger Mackenzie Horan)

4. Skinnytaste Cookbook— my go-to for weeknight recipes



My find at the Cambridge Antique Market— a hammered¬†ginger jar.

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