I wish I could say that we’re that much closer to better weather with the first day of Spring tomorrow, but it doesn’t look like that. Boston’s getting snow tomorrow. Yes, that white fluffy stuff that we were finally getting rid of. More of it. Makes me want to run to a tropical paradise (or return to Florida) and never come back! For this week’s links, I have a number of things on my radar… With no real theme, but a little something for everyone!

one // Emma Stone. Lip Syncing. That is all.


two // The Sound of Music 50 Years Later. Easily my favorite movie growing up. I remember having to switch tapes between part one and two. My dad would make Jiffy Pop on the stove and we’d all curl up on the couch. Watching the behind the scenes and Julie Andrews’ memories of making the movie made me really want to take a trip to Austria.


three // Painting Party. I’ve been to the Clayroom near me a few times in the past month and I feel like I could (possibly) move onto a bigger canvas… This confidence has me thinking I could try a more advanced class. This class in Cambridge looks perfect! Paint, wine and a Cape Cod seashore? I’m sold.


four // Blogger Bootcamp. I wish I didn’t have Saturday plans already! I’d be attending this workshop with Allie, of Allie Wears, a Boston-based style blogger. If you already have a blog, this is a great way to expand your repertoire and build your following. I hope Allie offers it again sometime soon so I can attend!


Coffee pick-me-up at a new spot– Neighborhoods near Fenway