Lots of links to share today! A bit later in the week than I had planned, but here we go:

Free Bunnies?!// Did you see this April Fools joke by Tieks? I’ll take one in every color (the shoes and the bunnies). Any brand that plays an April Fools with cute bunnies has my vote. I also vote for the hues of blue collection, fuchsia flats and all their spring colors!



#LightItUpBlue// Thursday was World Autism Day. I work with some pretty amazing kiddos every day. Yeseterday we were reading a pretty difficult book with a lot of reading between the lines (which has been a goal all year) and one kiddo had the best aha moment: he said, “oh so it’s like we’re all different and the best gift we can give is what’s on the inside”.


Waiting On Martha// both an adorable blog and interior design shop, I can’t get enough of both! Also, follow her on Instagram @waitingonmartha for new arrivals in the shops and colorful inspiration. This ginger jar tote, that blue accent pillow and these new friends for my desk are all on my wish list.




Moscow Mule// I blame my obsession with these tasty cocktails on our trip to San Diego in January. We ate at Searsucker Del Mar where I had an amazing Moscow Mule. Inspired, I found some hammered copper mugs at West Elm. I’ve been waiting for the weather to be nicer here to make them and we finally did last night! Here’s the recipe we used.