The Fourth Of July is one of my favorite holidays! I love celebrating with all things summer– grilled food, flip flops, fireworks and friends! This year we rented a house with some friends on Lake Winnipesaukee. I grew up spending summers with my family on the lake and was so glad to be back! Driving through the town brought back so many memories, I felt quite nostalgic.


Our house was perfect for the weekend! Only a short distance from the water with that ‘lake’ feel. It was also quite the patriotic place to celebrate!




We spent the weekend grilling, swimming and boating (I waterskied for the first time in 5+ years and it was just like riding a bike)! We cooked (a lot) and all of us ate each meal together, family style. What better way to do a weekend away?



At the Meredith town docks we made a new friend, Mac! He was the happiest puppy (yes, he’s only 6 months old…) and the perfect lake dog.


And, of course, I made more puppy friends that night when we watched the fireworks in Meredith Bay. This is Lily– those eyes!


The fireworks show did not disappoint! We used to watch it from the boat when we were younger, but decided to take the land view this year.



S is such a good sport when it comes to taking pictures. I think he was relieved though when one of our friends was willing to take many of the pictures this weekend.



If only the beach was this close all the time. A good book, a comfortable chair and lots of sunscreen are my recipe for a relaxing day.


Hope everyone had a Happy Fourth!


(This ice cream from The Town Dock in Meredith was hands down the best ice cream all year!)