I’m not going to lie. This post is just an excuse to look back at pictures and reminisce about my time in Ireland. Maybe it’s because it’s St. Patrick’s Day or maybe because my boyfriend was in Cork for business last week, but I’m having serious Ireland withdrawals. The six months I lived there were some of the hardest, yet most rewarding moments of my life. I truly believe they shaped me and it warms my heart to think of the amazing experiences studying abroad provided.

I won’t bore you with details, but here are some of my favorites– although there’s so much more that isn’t captured. I mean, 6 months in a foreign country with a camera. My serious happy place!


Cork– my new city and now my second home. This was my walk to school each morning. How fantastic to be able to see such cheerful colors each day.



University College Cork (UCC)– my home away from home for the semester. It was like going to Hogwarts! I even took Irish Step Dancing– for credit!



The Irish countryside is not to be missed!


Rock of Cashil– the best part of being at an Irish university was that our professor was an archaeologist. We did a weekend trip each month and some of the sites he took us to were fantastic!


Dingle– my crazy, lovely travel companions! We took a girls’ weekend on the Dingle peninsula and stayed at our friend’s uncle’s cottage. The experience was unlike any other– what better way to experience life in Ireland!



Cobh– the final stop of the Titanic on its maiden voyage. This town is full of history and other beautiful sights. Right on the ocean, it is the southernmost part of Ireland.



Eyeries– known for its colorful homes, this was a stop on our drive around the Beara peninsula. A picturesque village of pastels and quaint homes.



Blarney Stone– one of the more touristy things we did one weekend, but worth it! No, my hair isn’t red and yes, I made an exception and actually kissed the stone (then quickly sanitized after).



Castletownbere Harbor– being on or near the ocean is such a comforting feeling. That’s why I love the southern coast of Ireland so much. This small town has a great bar where my dad and I became locals in a few nights.




Kinsale– near Cobh and south of Cork, Kindle has beautiful views of the water and if you’re a golfer Old Head of Kindle is a top-notch course. I went with my uncle and aunt during their visit and the views were spectacular!

I’m planning my return, but for now I will have to get my fill through pictures and tonight’s delicious Guinness beef stew.