It’s certainly been busy around here– having a puppy is the biggest time commitment I’ve ever made. Even with two of us, it feels like a full-time job. S joked that we’ll never go grocery shopping together again (sadly that would be very exciting right now). But it’s so worth it, especially as we watch Fenway grow!


We had the opportunity to go away for a long weekend and join my family in Maine. After a lot of coordinating and extra packing, we loaded up the car with Fenway in my lap and made the drive. Who knew how difficult it would be to pack up a dog for a weekend! All the hassle was worth it because Fenway truly is an island dog!

Our destination (Long Island) is off the coast of Portland in Casco Bay. There are so many things I love about it, but I mostĀ appreciate the calm. The preferred mode of transportation is biking or golf-carting and I can easily finish a book in a day if I want. With room to run and new things to discover, Fenway enjoyed the trip, too!


I thought I’d share some snaps from the trip (I’ll try to limit the puppy pictures, but let’s be honest he’s too cute not to show off!)




S found floating golf balls and spent lots of time on the “driving range”. My sister played lookout.


Island Humor!



No trip is complete without watching sunset from my great-aunt’s cottage. This picture doesn’t do it justice, but it’s really a beauty!


Fenway has an Instagram account, too! Follow his adventures at @fenwaytheblacklab or #fenwaytheblacklab