This past weekend I found myself (and 20 of my family members) in Greenville, South Carolina. Greenville was our destination since my aunt and uncle moved there a little over a year ago. They had lived in NYC for many years before they decided to make the change. I’m so glad they did! Greenville was the perfect setting for our family to spend a few days enjoying downtown, barbecuing and golfing.


My monogrammed weekender from Marleylilly is a life saver! I’ve taken it on every trip this past year.


On Saturday mornings the main street is transformed into a farmer’s market with everything from tacos to handmade soaps. It was very crowded, but lots of things to explore. On Monday we came back to explore the shops without the market crowds. From a general store to a new juice bar, there’s something for everyone!



Greenville has some new editions including Methodical Coffee. Definitely a must-visit for coffee lovers. Their eye for interior design and drip coffee are both on-point. They even have a record player for tunes!


Souther charm is everywhere– I’ll move right in, thank you!



While we’re still missing some, we did manage to get a picture of the cousins with our fabulous grandmother! She’s spunky and fiery in her 80s and we’re so lucky to have a strong lady at the head of the family. I also just have to brag about my adorable minis– the gap between us is over 20 years!



Being one of the dudes on the golf course– he’s going to be quite the heartbreaker!


While I didn’t get to everything on my To-Do list, I can say that Greenville is a great place!  We got a taste of the South while still having a lot of time to spend with family.