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If you’re anything like me (and chances are you are) it’s easy to get caught up in the work week hustle and be very tempted to just sit around on the weekends relaxing. But by Sunday that little pang of regret for not doing anything all weekend always pops up. So we booked a trip to the Cape to extend my birthday celebrations and shake up our weekend routine. It ended up being exactly what I needed!


While the weather didn’t exactly cooperate, it meant that we had less traffic, crowds, etc. to deal with. I’d highly recommend visiting the Cape in the off-season for so many reasons! Who knew you could walk into a seafood place at 6pm and sit down immediately for dinner (unheard of in-season).

Here’s a bit of what we did/where we ate during the weekend. I’ll probably do a few specific features in the future, so if you want to know more about a place, just ask!


Beaches– most beaches on the Cape are only dog-friendly until May 15. During the season certain ones will let dogs on the beach in the morning and late afternoon, but it’s tricky. Most beaches have an off-leash rule, so we bought a 15 foot leash, which definitely helped. We tried a few beaches including Ocean Ave. in Hyannis and Town Neck in Sandwich. Many more Cape Cod beaches can be found here.



Airbnb– I found the PERFECT Airbnb online and we booked it for the weekend a few months ago. We stayed in an 1850’s cottage that was a quick walk from Sandwich’s main street. Technically it’s a studio, but there was a French door that separated the bedroom/living room and the kitchen/bathroom, so it felt a bit more spacious. It’s also pet-friendly, which meant we could bring Fenway along!



Shopping– the weather was overcast most of the weekend, so we couldn’t spend all our time at the beach. I got to enjoy some of the shops in Sandwich while S hung out with Fenway. Sandwich is a small village, but there is a lot of variety in the shops. Whether you’re looking for something to wear to the beach, a gift for a friend or browsing for antiques, there something for everyone!


The Spotted Cod


Seaside Boutique

Eating– While I was hoping for some outdoor patio dining, the weather kept us inside. But we got to take advantage of the fact that off-season on the Cape is pretty quiet and ate at some pretty great spots!


The Pilot House

Beth’s Bakery


How do you shake up your normal weekend routine? What’s your favorite road trip spot? We had a great time trying a new spot. Even Fenway loved the change of scenery!